Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★½

Parts I loved.

Parts I couldn't stop checking my phone.

Other parts I had to double check my Gatorade wasn't laced with acid.

Holy Motors is a great film. I didn't love it, but it's hard to deny what I just saw.

A couple quickies:

The scene with at the motion capture studio is breathtaking. It shows that added cgi and effects and music can add up to nothing more than a digital fart. What the performers are doing, what the camera is doing, what the director is doing, can be more powerful than any cgi creation.

The singing scene was just too bizarre for me.

The penis was ridiuculous.

Everything in the limo was great, somehow he made the same location look different and interesting every shot.

The scene in the car with the daughter was great, because at that point I still didn't know exactly what I was watching.

The scene of Oscar on his death bed was not good.

I still don't have any connection to the main character. It's so meta that it discards basic story telling. Which is interesting and brave but not always gripping.

The acordian scene is fucking awesome.

All the scenes of him killing himself are odd. I don't get it. But man are they funny and great to look at.

The final scene in the limo warehouse is so great, such a great way to finish a movie. So insane. I just loved it.


I'm excited to NOW go and read reviews and interpretations on this film. I don't get it, I feel so far from getting it that my rating reflects that confusion. But like I said, it's hard to deny the craft and ambition of Holy Motors.

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