Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★½

The crazy thing about Spring Breakers is that all the negative reviews I've read I can completely agree with.
-It's all surface level trash.
-None of the characters have depth
-It's not picking a side.
-It's shocking just to be shocking

First of all, you have to be in on the joke to get this film. If you go in expecting a Selena Gomez movie with James Franco having fun on Spring Break you'll be freaked out. You have to get what Korine is getting at...Although I don't know exactly what that is, but you get the point. It's ironic. Or wait.... It's actually sincere. But it's poking fun, but also having fun....

There are boobs in this film. Lot of 'em. They're usually covered in beer and being shot in slow motion, or having cocaine sucked of off them.

I love boobs. Always have.

But honestly, after a while of this, and the many gyrating body parts, I got kinda grossed out.

After an hour of a pulsating Cliff Martinez score(the guy that did Drive, Contagion and drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers) over these boobs I start to feel like all these bodies... that they are just a huge parasite, mutating and undulating through the beaches and hotels of "St. Pete." And that's hard to find attractive.

This is sort of the point of the movie. It may be obvious, and it's just one of many ideas that act as puzzle pieces through a surprisingly complex(if opaque) thematic pool.

There's a lot in this movie that I truly love. I love the score, as I said. I love the energy of the film making. It's never resting, it's never taking an easy way out. It's always barreling ahead at mach speed. The texture of the movie is great. The production design, the color scheme, the shots, the editing style. The editing style is really interesting. It's constantly undulating like these boobs in the movie. It's going back and forth and just goes wherever it needs to to get a point across. The acting is really great. They have an awareness of what's going on around them but completely disregard any notion of subtlety. The reason it works is because the movie is this way. That's why movies like this are so amazing. because the risks taken by the film makers are put into execution by each department of the film.

"Look at all my SHIT" "Look at all my SHIT" James Franco's Alien screams over and over again. It really is akin to Gatsby, just with cornrows.

There are two scenes that gave me chills and are transcendent moments.
-Alien is requested to play an 'inspiring' song on his piano by the beach at his compound. So he starts playing a Brittany Spears song. And then we get a montage of them robbing, pillaging, raping. And the girls are wearing pink ski masks with unicorns on them waving assault rifles in the sunset skies.
-The final scene. Basically from the moment the two girls make phone calls to their parents saying that this whole experience makes them want to be better people. That the only thing in life to understand is to be a good person. They take arms on a speed boat while a black man is watching to fat girls feel eachother up. They get off on his dock and a beautifully lit walkway. And Franco's character just keeps repeating, "this feels like a dream, this feels like a dream" like some demented child. And then the girls go GTA all over the place. It's really inspiring stuff.

I love this film. I think it will only get better on rewatches. It's confounding, it's intense, it's sexy, it's disgusting, it's beautiful, it's gross. It's American. It's art as art as life as art. It's a videogame wrapped in a concept album smeared on a digital projector. It's avant garde meets Michael Bay meets Jean Luc Godard. And I think this is going to be a cult classic and live a long time on a lot of movie shelves.

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