The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

The Nice Guys' opening scene is indicative of the rest of the film by being darkly comic, sexy, pulpy and juxtapositions. In this quick review I will list positive, and some negative bullet points.

-Shane Black's script and direction is full of detail and the rest of the cast and crew follows suit with really subtle(and not so subtle) quality details that add to the texture and general scope of the film.

-Like any faux post LA noir film The Nice Guys plays well within the genre while commenting on it. The classic crime/noir set up of young woman asking for help is a staple and The Nice Guys starts out this way. But Black's sense of humor almost always invades the cliche tropes, like when Gosling character nonchalantly mentions that he figured out the mystery of note, the film kicks into action, his daughter smiles at her father's brilliance and the two guys head for the clue... but then they realize that Gosling was completely off base and it quick cuts to them going a completely other way.

-Gosling, Crowe and Rice(Gosling's character's daughter) have great chemistry and play very well off of each other.

- Kim Basinger is pretty terrible in this film.

-There are some strands that don't get pieced together by the end of the film. Now this is a common issue with noir type films(beautifully so in Inherent Vice) but the plot threads aren't the big problems, it's more with the character threads, mainly Gosling and his wife and their house and all of that side meat.

-The big emotional beat at the end where Rice asks Crowe not to kill the guy or she'll never speak to him again is kind of ridiculous. This is a 50 year old murderer and the fact that he won't strangle someone to death in front of a little just because she says she won't speak to him is absurd.

-Gosling COULD be a comic genius. The guy is great with physical comedy, he has incredible timing and is just off kilter enough but has sharp enough eyes that he can get away with just about anything in the comedy world. I think this is the obvious next phase in his career since his dramatic chops don't really measure up to his comedic chops.

Overall a really fun original movie with some definite flaws. I will gladly take an original piece of flawed filmmaking over the usual tentpole adapted remake sequels.

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