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  • Meshes of the Afternoon

    Meshes of the Afternoon


    I've been watching a lot of artsy-fartsy shit this Halloween. “Meshes of the Afternoon” is another experimental short, this time from 1943. It was directed by Maya Deren and her husband, Alexander Hammid. The film seems to chart a dream Maya's character is having. She picks up a flower in the drive. Their home is oddly empty. She repeatedly encounters a mysterious, cloaked figure with a mirror instead of a face. Wind blows her up their stairs. A knife in…

  • The Supernaturals

    The Supernaturals


    Some times, all it takes for a movie to make an impression on horror fans is some memorable VHS box art. “The Supernaturals” is not an especially well known film. It's slipped into obscurity, as a title released primarily straight-to-video back in the eighties and never re-released to DVD. I've occasionally heard some rumbling about “that movie with the ghost Confederate soldiers and LeVar Burton.” But mostly “The Supernaturals” owes whatever notoriety it has to that bitchy artwork, of a…

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  • The Babadook

    The Babadook


    Every year, I endeavor to see a newly released horror movie, preferably in the theaters. Because, while Halloween is about revisiting old favorites, it should be about new discoveries too. Of course, I did see a new horror movie in the theater this season, “Dracula Untold.” But that barely counts. I had other options, like fucking “Ouija,” ugh. The horror movie I really wanted to see, though, was “The Babadook,” a new Australian film that had been getting rave reviews…

  • It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown

    It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown


    As with any beloved institution, thoughts eventually turned towards sequelizing “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Of course, “It’s Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown” came twenty-seven years after the original, after the “Peanuts” specials had cycled through every other calendar event imaginable.

    A lot had change in those two and a half decades. The “Peanuts” supporting cast had evolved considerably. Iconic pop culture quasi-lesbian couple Marcy and Peppermint Patty had long been added to the crew. Snoopy had gained a sidekick in…