Midsommar ★★★★½

As the new May Queen celebrates her past life burning to the ground, she gains a newness in family and ideas.
Twisted. Absolutely twisted. Its excruciating, it’s dizzy, and god, it was amazing. The heart Ari put into this film was familiar, but it didn’t fail to provide its own greatness with grotesque innards mixed with ethereal photography. Psych horror set in broad daylight is a feat I couldn’t imagine happening until he set the stone, creating something both glorious and hideous. Every element worked beautifully with one another. In the midst of gore, remains a stellar, bright seduction that lures you the wrong way and keeps your attention.
Midsommar will take you on an acid trip long enough to convince you that you’re still on a high after a screening. It’s a creepy, gorgeous, perfect follow-up classic that will turn you inside out.

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