Parasite ★★★★★

Now that I’ve formed the thoughts I need to review this, let me just say that my expectations for this film was far beyond what I perceived. Bong has always had a way of using tragedy and class dynamics as a tool to drive a narrative, and this was no different. Where do I even start?
I am unsettled, first of all. Whenever you think the climax closes in on its peak, Bong taps your head in a few more times (no pun intended). This happens constantly and I believe the film is aware of that. It uses our sympathy towards the Kims, our anger towards the Parks, and our fear for anticipation all to meticulously. This film pushed my limits progressively without me knowing. It doesn’t hurt to think about it, but it’s painful to see how this film embodies its stories in more ways than one. Eventually, it forms a masterpiece that leaves you thinking about the emotions you went through.
Song Kang-ho never shows anything minor when it comes to taking on an unsettling variety of roles. His performances are stunning and this is only one of his best ones.
Choi Woo-shik and Park So-Dam need to be offered everything for these performances. This was the film that used their talents to the best of their ability. The supporting actor/actress campaign starts now.
I cant even explain how this film made me feel and that’s what I love about it. It left me completely incomprehensible towards my emotions, but it did make it memorable. No other film has made me emote the way I did. Bong is leading a new chapter in cinema, and I’ll keep waiting to see what else his genius has in store.

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