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  • The White Princess

    The White Princess


    Acting good. Story bad. And also wrong. Costumes very, very, very bad. Hair TERRIBLE. But King Henry VII.... hot.

  • Sunshine on Leith

    Sunshine on Leith


    George Mackay ☑️singing ☑️specifically, singing "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers, (aka my go-to karaoke song when studying abroad in Glasgow) ☑️singing it WELL ☑️in a SCOTTISH ACCENT ☑️in Edinburgh ☑️making morning-after eggs in his boxers ☑️

    Also featuring men in kilts, Kelvingrove Art Gallery pretending to be the Scottish National Gallery when actually it's way cooler, and the joke "Waverly Station gave me a nosebleed". I'm quite sorted for the evening

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Come on, y'all...


    Yes, I know everyone and their mother loves this movie. Yes, I know you disagree. That's cool. But you know what? I'm tired of sitting through movie after movie where women are literally just objects. I'm sick of it. I have zero interest in seeing just how little T*rantino respects any actress who steps foot onto his set.

    I'm sure that watching this movie as a man is mostly enjoyable. But I cannot seperate my woman-ness from myself, and can't not carry it with me when I interact with art. And as a woman, I say it's all bullshit!

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood

    I didn't even finish this movie, but I had to come on here to say that it features the worst costume design for film that I have seen in recent memory. Within the first two minutes, I spotted an extra wearing a faux leopard-print vest that was probably purchased at a Forever 21, and Marian's shirt had a boob window. A boob window.

    When you get to the point where your lead actor is wearing terry sweatpants and your actress is in a leather blazer, you kind of have to admit that your movie isn't taking place in the Middle Ages anymore. It's in Hell.