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  • Dix pour cent

    Dix pour cent


    A top three Netflix series and quite easily the best Netflix series there is. Not only does it present the ins and outs of how talent agencies help create culture (a la 30 Rock), but masterfully showcases the lengths that agents will go to empower and defend those who stand for art in the name of art, and how their relationships with these artists are as human as the culture they create. That agents are the forebearers of cultural creation…

  • Tampopo



    Fun fact: While ramen is better known as a cultural staple of Japanese cuisine, it actually assimilated itself into the country's culture.

    Ramen soup originated in China hundreds of years ago, and was first prepared in Japan by Chinese tradesmen in the early nineteenth century (before the two countries went to war).

    After World War II, it exploded in availability and popularity when the U.S. flooded Japan with cheap wheat— ironically against the influence of Chinese communism on all three islands.

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  • Soul



    Essence and spirit are two separate parts of our being, one that I never thought Pixar of all studios would manage to tackle so well. Maybe our true purpose is to give purpose to the things that surround us, whether they are the lives of others or ourselves, or often both.

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    As exceptional as this film is, I don't even think Vincent Gallo wants us to like him. It's made to be quite clear that Christina Ricci intentionally runs him the fuck over, and we love that for her.