Summer of 84 ★★★★

Riding the retro-inspired wake of Stranger Things, It Follows and the IT remake comes Summer of 84, the latest offering from the directors of Turbo Kid (which is one of my favourite films of the past five years).
Set to a synth-laden soundtrack dripping eighties goodness (often reminiscent of a synthwave remix of the Halloween theme), the film follows a group of teens who come to believe that their neighbour is a serial killer. They set out to prove it by collecting evidence against him, but the situation is complicated by the fact that their suspect is also a local police officer who becomes increasingly aware of their interest in him as the story progresses.
There are a multitude of influences at play here, from Rear Window to The Hardy Boys (which one of the teens is seen reading) and all of the young actors are excellent in their roles.
For much of its run-time Summer of 84 plays out like a standard (albeit highly highly enjoyable) mystery thriller... then BAM! there's a shift in tone towards the end that's so sudden and unexpected that it literally takes your breath away.
I can't say that I loved the last 10-15 minutes of the film, but I can appreciate what the directors wanted to achieve. I guess I just walked away from that carefully crafted retro world with a far different taste in my mouth than I initially anticipated I would.

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