• Mega Time Squad

    Mega Time Squad


    I must admit Mega Time Squad wasn't as much fun the second time around and it definitely has a specific audience 'cos most of the family members I shared it with didn't appreciate it anywhere near as much as I did.

  • Daniel Isn't Real

    Daniel Isn't Real


    I know that people's opinions and reviews are all over the shop, but I really liked this!
    The metaphorical examination of mental illness is far from subtle and at times Daniel Isn't Real tries too hard to be the new Jacob's Ladder, but I found the story to be highly compelling, the body horror aspects are handled really well (great to see lots of practical effects being utilised) and the acting by both Miles Robbins and Patrick Schwarzenegger is excellent.
    Patrick Schwarzenegger may not have his dad's physique, but I reckon he has The Terminator covered for acting talent.
    He'll be baack!

  • Tortured Females

    Tortured Females


    A comely young lady in distress is rescued on a deserted country road by a hick sheriff and recounts the tale of how she was kept prisoner in a house of horrors by two dastardly villains and their Mongolian hunchback servant who chatters like a monkey whist taunting the scantily clad female captives.... all the while with her left boob hanging out, though neither she nor the sheriff think anything of it!

    This film features diaphanous negligees, skinny dipping, whippings,…

  • Mega Time Squad

    Mega Time Squad


    Ok guys... Trust me on this one! GET ON IT !!

    The poster artwork is shit, but this New Zealand time-travel flick is the duck's guts (for those not up with our lingo, that's a fucking good thing!)

    I love Kiwi humor and this had me giggling along from the get-go. The premise is mega-clever and the laid-back Kiwi aesthetic shines through to make this a thoroughly delightful experience.

    When we have an Aussie/NZ/Irish co-production, I want shares !!!

  • Thunder Run

    Thunder Run


    Forrest Tucker of F-Troop fame stars in this implausible and cheesy action/trucker flick that's quite entertaining in a cheesy 80's kinda way.

    The cast also includes teen comedy staple Wally Ward as a young computer nerd/hacker a'la Wargames. Wally went on to star in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation under his real name of Wallace Langham (you'll know his face when you see it).

    Thunder Run has a surprisingly high body count given its PG-13 rating, especially in the bonkers second half when said run finally occurs.

    I'm still not sure what the point of the whole caper was though...

  • Death Wish

    Death Wish


    Maybe I'm just easy to please, but I really liked this!
    The remake of the 1974 classic is certainly the most accessible of Eli Roth's films so far, and being a die-hard Bruce Willis fan definitely helped (hehe, see what I did there??).
    It's been many a year since I last watched the original Death Wish, but I would have to rate this modern take right up there with it in the "Vengence Flicks" category.

  • Grave Encounters 2

    Grave Encounters 2


    Well that was a disappointment !!

  • Grave Encounters

    Grave Encounters


    Found footage films are notoriously hit and miss, but Grave Encounters is found footage done right.
    Mrs Boof loves her ghosty shows on TV, so having her on board to watch this was an added bonus.
    There's some seriously creepy shit going down in the ol' abandoned asylum (when has it EVER been a good idea to go into an abandoned asylum???) and the gradual escalation of scares is handled with enough restraint and subtlety to make the viewing experience a real roller-coaster ride.
    I'm suitably impressed!
    Looking forward to the sequel now...

  • Two on a Guillotine

    Two on a Guillotine


    The title of this fluffy yet enjoyable romp is far more foreboding than the film itself turns out to be.
    Prior to taking Herbie for a spin, Dean Jones stars as a reporter who wheedles his way into the life of an heiress (Connie Stevens) who must stay in the spooky old house left to her by her father for seven consecutive nights in order to claim a large inheritance.
    Initially Jones is just there for a story and the…

  • Curtains



    A creepy mask, a creepy doll, a smorgasbord of beautiful female victims, an original premise and a tonne of suspense make Curtains one of the more memorable yet under-appreciated slashers of the 80s
    That cover art ... EEK!!

  • Cry Wolf

    Cry Wolf


    This was another one of those movies that somehow slipped under my radar when it was released which is surprising given that I generally dig this sort of jam.
    A lot of people seem to hate Cry Wolf with a passion, but it's cleverly written with twists and turns aplenty and I really liked it!
    I can understand the negativity, but it's worth remembering that there was a little slasher film in the 80s that did a similar sort of thing and received a similar amount of derision from horror fans... April Fool's Day went on to become a cult classic!
    Just sayin'...

  • 44 Inch Chest

    44 Inch Chest


    I must say that 44 Inch Chest was a bit of a disappointment.

    I watched it primarily because it was written by the same guys behind Sexy Beast (which I thoroughly enjoyed), but unfortunately this Brit crime-tale/character-study fails to reach similar heights.

    The cast is top-notch and the obscenity-riddled banter is amusing, but overall it has the feel of a small theater-house production which sometimes makes it tedious to watch. It takes a long time to get where it's going and to be honest the destination isn't that interesting.

    Or maybe I was just having an off night...