Manhunter ★★★½

Michael Mann just doesn’t work for me. Things never come together in a satisfying cohesion and I don’t respond in any significant way to Mann’s visual style. There are a few standout scenes, such as those in the Tooth Fairy’s home and of course those with Hannibal. Not nearly enough Hannibal here though, and I’m sure that’s not just a retroactive impulse from watching Brian Cox eviscerate everyone on Succession. Lecktor is simply the most interesting person in this movie and it could have been genuinely terrifying if Will Graham was drawn back and forth between Hannibal and the Tooth Fairy.
I can appreciate Mann’s comically terrible taste in music and near inability to use music effectively BUT at least there was one good needle drop here with In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Anyways I hate a happy ending. Not nearly dark enough and no real payoff.

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