Midsommar ★★★★½

to start off, i had a feeling this wouldn’t beat hereditary for me considering the dark tone and coloring is a major soft spot for me. however, this still blew me away in such a way that i wasn’t even prepared. i never could’ve prepared for this film.

this wasn’t as gory as i speculated. this kept you intrigued the entire time while keeping the ominous tone similar to hereditary. what’s scary is what your mind is predicting, but of course that’s in part to the incredible mind of ari aster. 
ari sets your mind up to terrify you just as he does in the film, he’s one of the most meticulous and truly gifted directors of our generation. watching how he creates such a beautiful flow of these modern horror films is one of the best parts, he’s the movie maker that wants you to make movies. as quentin tarantula once said, i didn’t go to film school i went to films. i had to i’m sorry. 

aside from ari aster being a utter genius, florence pugh left me speechless.

i have so many thoughts, i have so much praise running through my mind. this is a once in a lifetime film without a doubt.

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