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A Korean immigrant falsely accused of murder in 70s San Francisco is the subject of Julia Ha & Eugene Yi’s heart-breaking true crime documentary FREE CHOL SOO LEE.
Given a life sentence for a crime he did not commit, Chol Soo Lee’s case sparks a social justice movement within the Asian-American community after it’s revealed that his conviction was the result of racial profiling and sloppy police work. 
As the strength of support for his release from community activists and legal advisors grows, Chol Soo Lee unwitting becomes the symbol for all the injustices befallen an often mistreated minority group. 
Free Chol Soo Lee finds value in the barrage of true crime documentaries available on streaming platforms through its focus on the unjust of Chol Soo Lee’s incarceration and the desperately sad consequences a person endures at the hands of the prison system.

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