Making Waves - Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema

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We're pleased to announce that we will be providing coverage of the forthcoming Making Waves: Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema event. This celebration of Hong Kong cinema comes to London 8-10 July, bringing an exciting selection of new films and restored classics to the big screen.

The programme opens with Leung Lok-man's biopic ANITA, which chronicles the life of one of Hong Kong's most cherished stars of the stage and screen, Anita Mui, and closes with her final role before her tragic death in 2003, with the UK premiere of a newly restored version of Ann Hui's modern classic JULY RHAPSODY.

Another standout highlight from the event will will be the gala screening of a restored version of Peter Chan's beloved classic COMRADES, ALMOST A LOVE STORY, starring the iconic Maggie Cheung, which includes a live holo-presence event featuring the legendary Hong Kong filmmaker himself.

There's also a range of films from contemporary Hong Kong filmmakers, including a special screening of Chan Kin-long’s award-winning gritty neo-noir HAND ROLLED CIGARETTE, a thrilling nod back to the classic HK genre films of the 1990s. There's also the UK premiere of TALES FROM THE OCCULT, a spooky omnibus mixing urban ghost stories and dark satire directed by Fung Chih Chiang, Wesley Hoi and acclaimed veteran Fruit Chan. BREAKOUT BROTHERS, a whacky box office smash prison caper, and THE FIRST GIRL I LOVED, a sensitive and moving LGBTQ+ drama, complete the programme.

Also featuring an online virtual exhibition, the event is an evocative multimedia experience that takes audiences on a journey through contemporary Hong Kong cinema through a diverse range of genres and forms. This event is presented by Create Hong Kong in partnership with Focus Hong Kong, and supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London with all 7 films screening at either the Soho Hotel or The Garden Cinema.

For more details head to the Focus HK website.

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