Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

A dethroned queen bee and a new student at a posh high school seek vengeance.

Camp! Camp! CAMP!!! This is what happens when you mix Mean Girls & Heathers and dropped them into the 2020s. I'm surprised this wasn't a thriller or some sort. This movie has quite the cast, with Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke make a good pyscho pairing together. Austin Abrams hams it up as an obnoxious douchebag and does it SO well. Sophie Turner was really funny with the screentime she's given. And surprise Sarah Michelle Gellar!! Whomever curated the sets, production design, the costumes and the soundtrack deserves a raise. I do wish that it's a bit shorter, it kinda outstayed it's welcome being 30 minutes too long. While it's short on belly laughs, it never stops being amusing and entertaining to watch petty and rich, conniving teens go at each other. One of the better coming-of-age Netflix flicks in some time.

Warning: Rated R. No sex or nudity, A Ton of profanity and some violence.

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