Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

An aspiring struggling dancer moves to New York & deals with diminishing fortunes.

I've come to the conclusion that I love Greta Gerwig, not just as a person, but as a creative in the industry. Everything she touches has turned gold with every project I've seen so far that she has a hand in. It's been proven true with Lady Bird, Little Women, and now this. Only this film is the first I've seen of her acting chops on display and she's completely charming in this. Good usage of the black and white, showing the setting of New York (and Paris, Francis) as lively as it's always been. The script was sharp and natural, and it's pretty funny at points. Pretty sure by my introverted self that I wouldn't approach my friends with "Ayo sexy!!", but it's much cooler for me to believe that I would that way. Many late twenty-somethings with aimless goals and unsure nature of life with young and optimistic hope (myself included) would be very seen in this, so much so that it feels rude to be called out for going through something so accurate in their lives.

Many people won't find that much to enjoy or relate to this film and would find the main character Frances annoying and immature because of her behavior, but I think it accurate describes what any late 20 - something would go through at that stage. Heck, I probably relate to her a few years later given my current age. People change, and life is hard most of the time. Really satisfying and lighthearted movie that I had the pleasure of watching.

Warning: Rated R. No sex or nudity, A TON of profanity and no violence.

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