Lightyear β˜…β˜…β˜…

A space ranger teams up with a group of rookies to face a familiar foe.

First and foremost, where can I get an Sox? Because I think he may have outsold every character here (🐱❀️). I'm always weak and soft for animal companions in movies. Not that this is on Toy Story level of Pixar, but I've found it to be a mildly fun and entertaining prequel of sorts of one of its iconic characters. Chris Evans seems to be an ideal fit for voicing a space ranger. Heck, he played a superhero for Marvel for x amount of years now. And Keke Palmer seems to have quite a year starring in this and the latest sci-fi thriller Nope with Daniel Kaluuya. She voices Izzy with equal enough of spunk and determination. And I've seen a lot of reviews just downgrading a fictional kid's movie taste as this was his favorite movie. Now, I'm not even going to go there because 1) Andy is FICTIONAL and 2) I'm no where near a sci-fi/superhero fan nor was I even thought of in 1995. I think I know better than to crap on movie tastes, even though it's not personally for me. But that's just my opinion, I completely get why others won't because it's a 'cash grab' of sorts. Families, fans of Pixar, and the toy story franchise should definitely strap on to this spacecraft and enjoy the ride. It's a fun film for what it's worth.

Warning: PG. No sex or nudity, profanity and mild violence and action sequences.

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