Paint Drying

Paint Drying

Hello, me again. Apparently my most deepest thoughts are best running rapid during late nights.

Another TED talk, if you will.

Does rewatching films intimate you, in a way? Like if you see a movie for the first time and you LOVED it,that's great. But then a lot of time passes by and when it comes to watching that film again, you might not love it the same way. You might feel differently? Especially if someone points out it might not be as good as you remembered? Also, whenever I rewatch a film and re-review them, do I come across as annoying or redundant? I fear that sometimes I address the same statements and shout out the same things over and over to the point of "Okay, we get it. You liked the film!" Luckily, I haven't gotten that comment specifically but there are a few movies I've revisit often and review them as if it's my first viewing.

Do y'all every feel like way? Feel free to comment.

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