Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★★

Severe flashbacks to going to parties that were exactly like this, minus all the deaths. As much as people have been praising Bodies Bodies Bodies for being wildly contemporary (Sam Levinson fucking WISHES he could), this kind of negativity among supposedly supportive friends has existed since time immemorial. I hate to say that I know/knew every single one of these people; some of them I'm still friends with, some that were just passing through, and others that I'm glad I cut out of my life forever.

Even though I had a vague sense of where this all was heading, I was constantly guessing as to how it was still going to reach that conclusion. A real case of this being more about the journey than the destination, but that didn't make me any less entertained or engaged. It says something about the thought, care, and attention to detail that went into this when the scene that seems like the one I would hate the most on paper turns out to be the most brilliant moment in the entire film.

Stenberg and Bakalova are perfect as the ostensible leads. It's great to see Sennott here. Shoutout to Pete Davidson for his spot on impersonation of one of the few people I ever got into a fist fight with. And extra special honorable mention for Myha'la Herrold who steals the show here in a slow burning walk.

Handily my favorite A24 horror effort, if you could even really call it a horror movie.

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