Underwater ★★★★

"Underwater" is beautiful. Sure I was mad when the captain is saying 'Everyone will get out of here alive' and then people start dying– some sly attempt at ironic humor. The movie is gorgeous.

Sure the technology and physics of it all doesn't quite make sense– how everything in the oxygenated, pressurized areas is wet and dripping. Sure the ending is pretentious and the overall theme is a metaphysical dark-magick summoning of great hellish beasts.

But "Underwater" is amazing. It's a video game. Every bit as exciting as "Prometheus" or "Gravity" except this sh*t is deep underwater which makes it way cooler. T.J. Miller is a heart-melter and Kristen Stewart is a bonafide badass. Don't miss this nightmare material!!
–Dunzo 2020

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