Annette ★★★★½

Weirdly at a loss for words, truly unlike anything I've ever seen before. Uses the stage and musical format to tell a story about performative behavior, both in the lives of celebrities, and in codependent relationships. The songs often feel forced and awkward--which is the only real sore-spot through this--but Driver and Cotillard lackadaisically singing "we love eachother so much" makes it clear that, well, they really don't! The production design is god-tier: immaculately designed sets that serve as a constant reminder that everything in these characters lives is a performance on a stage, with dramatic lighting and pitch-perfect use of color. Adam Driver gives his best and most physical performance yet, eclipsed only by Simon Helberg of all people.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I totally and completely adored this, but if you're not on its wavelength it'll likely be super off-putting. Intentionally or not, it's weird as hell, it's HIGH CAMP, it's hilarious if you allow it to be, it's unlike any other movie I can think of. It had me totally transfixed from the very first lines and I felt totally upside down when it was over.

I would have given anything to see this in a theater, where at least half the audience would've walked out after 30 minutes and the rest of us would've been hooting and hollering to the very end. Absolute insanity.

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