The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

Alejandro Jodorowsky is not only a living legend but he is also one of my personal idols.
La Danza De La Realidad is one of the books that are most dear to me.
His skills as an artist are almost limitless. 
His understanding of sexuality and human nature (among other things) is astonishing.

It would be impossible and limited trying to make a brief analysis of the film.
I belive it is pointless to talk about it.
This movie feels like a journey.

The problem with this kind of Cinema (it is also difficult to define it) is that one often runs into authors who present allegorical meaning almost shyly, hidden within a frame that is easier for the viewer to read.
The result is usually cheap. It becomes forced.
That's not the case.
This bold and courageous work never compromises.
Important to remember is that nothing is left to chance. There aren't symbolisms placed there just to enrich the pellicula. Everything has a meaning. 
From the use of the major Arcana (the cards), the recurring mandalas (a symbol), the enneagram (the circle with nine lines, to the reference to Carl Jung. 

"It is the master who seeks the disciple."

The "process of knowledge" undertaken by the Christ/thief takes place by means of a ritual officiated by Jodorowsky himself. (That's a proper ritual!)

"To know. To dare. To want. To keep silent."

In the masterful finale Alejandro questions the nature of our reality in such an effective and unsettling way. It is incredible how his invitation to consider that the universe we are living in is only a portion of reality is perfectly in line with sience. At least clues points in that direction. (That's physics, not newage BS.)

"Is this life reality? No. It's a film."

Remember: It is absolutely forbidden, in the most absolute way, to watch this film without "benign under the influence"..

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