The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines ★★★★½

What a great treat for 2013 as I wasn't expecting it to be this good.
Now and again a film doesn't need huge promotion or tons of trailers to get you interested. It's got to be a good film for the film fans as the word gets spread around quickly. Again kudos to Letterboxd and everybody's reviews for making me notice this.
This film is divided into three parts which twists and turns into all sorts of shocks. By the time you get to the last part you can probably tell how this is going to end up.
The casting is 100% perfect and as expected you get 110% performances from everybody. It was great to see Ray Liotta as I can't remember the last decent film I saw him in.
The first half of this film is my favourite and shines with cool style and pure direction. Some great scenes filmed with great camera angles placed perfectly throughout. One of my favourites was the bike/police chase through the town. I felt my jaw dropping wanting Gosling to get away.

What they could of done is got Ryan Gosling to play the same character from 'Drive'.
Liotta at that time could of been Cooper's partner. They catch Gosling and do a deal for him to leave town for good and don't come back taking the money.
Hence he gets a job in a garage and becomes a stunt man getting hired to be a driver for robberies.
Enter the film 'Drive'.
This probably would have made the second half more interesting but hey I am no script writer.
Ryan has been a car driver and now a bike rider... What next?
The entire film is fantastic and you know how good this is when your caring for each character.
Loved it.:)

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