Annette ★★★★½

This is just a very hard film to review in general. The publicity for the film keeps a lot of the film’s plot a secret, and it goes in places I’d never have thought it would go. What I can say though is that I love this. I was going to, the previous Sparks musical, The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman, is my favorite album of all time. This film is not quite good as that, but it carries over the bizarre yet simplistic story and stellar atmospheric music.

This is not a typical movie musical, there isn’t a lot of dancing and the music isn’t similar to other musicals. The performances here are all fantastic, specifically Driver and Helberg. It’s well directed, with some fantastic production design and sound design that really adds to the film overall dream-like quality. 

This is just a great film, that I do think will be hated. A lot of those criticisms may be justified. The film doesn’t have a ton to say, but I feel it works for me on an emotional, story, and atmospheric level. There are off-putting moments here that may take others out of the film, they just drew me more in. I really hope more decide to check this one out, I really loved it. Also, that final scene is just truly fantastic, a perfect yet melancholic payoff.

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