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  • Animals



    5.5 /10

    I liked that the actors & characters were just so, so strong;
    I disliked the judge-y moralising which crept in.

    There were way too many scenes which should have soared fearlessly ... instead those moments flatlined.

  • Liv & Ingmar

    Liv & Ingmar


    6.5 /10

    It's a surprisingly twisty doco which would probably be appreciated more by the hardcore Bergman fans.

    Included as an Extra on the Criterion Collection #701, Persona.

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  • Mikey and Nicky

    Mikey and Nicky


    9 /10

    John Cassavetes's Husbands is included in my Top 10 Loved Favorites of All Time, so it was riveting to be watching (& contrasting) Cassavetes & Peter Falk's characters & performances in this wonderful 1976 movie.
    I thought it fascinating just how Elaine May so successfully captured a much more nuanced relationship between the men behaving as they did back then, especially when in each other's supposedly trusted company.

    Just as in Husbands, Peter Falk is mesmerising.
    While Cassavetes captures well…

  • Roma



    I know I don't need to advise anyone here to see it on the biggest & best screen.

    Please stop comparing it - it's magnificent, beautiful , emotive & utterly breathtaking for all the right reasons ... & it has a glorious bouncy young hound.

    Seen @ ACMI