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  • Edvard Munch

    Edvard Munch

    Adrift, sunk deep in melancholy and, for me, a nostalgia for certain artistic myths that I've abandoned and which Edvard Munch forces me to confront again, and again, and again.

    Watkins uses Munch's art, biography and historical (sociocultural) context as materials for a focussed exploration of the "creative process", whatever this vague word may mean. It feels like a speculative piecing together of information to construct a collective portrait (Watkins wrote in collaboration with his actors) of a cultural giant.…

  • Daughter of the Nile

    Daughter of the Nile

    An unspeakable nostalgia, time confounded, its incessant flow pushing all along until nothing is left. Babylon, how we long for you.

    (I felt those colours in a way that few films have made me feel)

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  • Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence

    Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence


    Honestly this man's life and art has enough substance and brutal strangeness to uphold and transfigure, even a weaker documentary than this, into a mysterious interpretation that can turn most viewers into curious spectators.

    The documentary itself is rather standard and straightforward; a chronological retrospective of the artists' mist-covered life which is slowly and surely, but not even close to completely, unveiled by the charming guest interviewees, most of whom are friends of Francis Bacon, of differing intimacy, who each…

  • Sapphire Crystal

    Sapphire Crystal


    An astoundingly realistic portrait of the upper class youth. A rightfully judgemental one that casts a sympathetic side-eye at the fleeting, irresponsible decadence that burns in the hearth of these young elites of Geneva, who represent an international group of wealthy young adults grouped together in our globalised world by a common pursuit of ostentatious glamor and incessant pleasure.

    Shooting the film on iPhone is risky but an undoubtedly appropriate aesthetic choice that is able to capture the essence of…