A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★★

My attention was slightly interrupted during the first 20 minutes because my mom was texting while the movie was playing. I was highly irritated and so was everyone else in the cinema. Regardless of what happened, holy fucking shit this is the best horror film I’ve ever seen in my life so far. Frighteningly good and eerie as hell. The intensity and suspense of this film were out of this world, both of it just kept building up as the movie went on. I could see almost everyone in the cinema were at the edge of their seats. As for myself, I could barely breathe, I was gasping for air and I had my hand on my mouth the entire time. The anticipation of waiting for the next scene was unbearable. I was crazy anxious. Jump scares in a horror film might be overrated and tiresome to some people but I honestly love it. The jump scares got me so good, I literally jumped at every single jump scare. A Quiet Place is one of the few movies with jump scares that actually works with the film. I love how this film gets straight to the point, it isn’t draggy or boring in any way. Every scene was intriguing. 

To direct a film and be in it at the same time is certainly a challenge but John Krasinski pulled it off very well. I applaud John for coming up with such a unique idea for a horror film. He’s a damn good actor and an even better director. I look forward to him directing more films in the future. Emily Blunt was also outstanding in this, her performance was unforgettable. The fact that they’re married in real life shows that they didn’t have to ‘act in love’, they were actually in love. It was truly beautiful. The kids were great too, I felt their fear. When the film ended, everyone in the theatre clapped especially me. That’s living proof this film is a masterpiece. An instant favourite!

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