Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

by all accounts, this is a perfect film. It is emotionally powerful, contains a powerful message that is more relevant than ever today and utilises the medium of film in a new way to depict an experience in a manner unique to film as a medium.

the dinner scene in Hereditary, when compared to Gallo's masterful rendering of familial resentment, looks like a goddamned cartoon. I can't bring myself to hate Aster or his works (like some evidently do) but my opinion on them has certainly lessened (my rating of Hereditary sticks but Midsommar is a two star flick). They're alright films but he needs to develop his approach to rendering human relationships in order to unlock his potential as an artist.

The frames within the frame represent the bubbling, incoherent, overbearing nature of memory better than any flashback. The film is optimistic and has a genuine love and concern for its main character. The parents are tragic figures - every scene with them is harrowing. They are people, not simply antagonistic forces. Gallo is excellent at characterisation that leaves you asking questions - a film that forces you to truly understand the characters rather than spoonfeed you their ideas. Again, unlike Aster's flicks, this film is laser-focused. There can be no doubt as to what it is here to say and yet it manages to not be purely didactic by virtue of Gallo's cinematic prowess. The man is a genius. Ricci is a goddess (yes I will simp) in this film and the tap dancing scene literally has GOD come out of the screen and tickle your chin. A PERFECT CINEMATIC OBJECT. A FILM I AM STILL PONDERING! A broken soul is redeemed by PURE LOVE!!! an understanding of WHAT HE IS HIDING! WE DON'T GET MANY STORIES LIKE THAT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GALLO IS KING!


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