Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★★★

An absolute masterpiece. I think this replaces Kiki’s Delivery Service as my favourite animated film of all time. 

It was evocative of so many things and was, I think, one of the best depictions of love on film ever.

Perfectly constructed. 

The three films I’ve seen at the theatre over this weekend all focused on the loss of loved ones. Ride Your Wave had the main character learn to face life herself whereas the other two have the main characters regain their loved ones although in the case of The Relative Worlds I think it was more of a metaphor for moving on. I find this interesting and the fact that Hadako gets to see his lover again at the end of the film and the final words spoken are part of why this film resonated with me. It evokes the “selfishness” of love and conveys that one should not sacrifice oneself for “the greater good”. Obviously, it’s far deeper than that and it’s more about being happy due to other’s happiness rather than arbitrary outside factors. Or not, every interpretation I come up with feels far too simplistic for this film. It makes so much sense, everything about it fits together and it describes love perfectly.

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