Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★½

First Scream in theatres!! What a blast. And by myself as well which was a fun experience, taking yourself to the movies is serious self care. I had to take a bathroom break during the first act and this was a 9.30pm showing so the complex was completely empty and there was “MADNESS” written in my cubicle, I thought I was about to become part of the Stab franchise. 

Easily my favourite since the original I love 4 and probably prefer the climax of that more but this is super even overall and I had so much fun. Probably the most of a threat Ghostface has felt like in this one with how violent it is and how it’s paced. It’s funny how much I thought the previous was riffing on The Force Awakens almost specifically when this was basically The Last Jedi of the Scream franchise with how much my expectations were subverted, and then again. As someone who doesn’t try to predict a movie as it goes along (I’m also mad dumb) it was such a thrilling experience, it’s so crazy that 6 movies in I’m still genuinely shocked and engaged every movie. And can we talk about how crazy it is how consistent overall this series is? This has to be the most consistent horror franchise right? To be a late 90s trilogy slasher series then revisited in 2011 and then to have a back to back requel in 2022 and 2023 and they’re actually fantastic?! (Wait did they plan that to have this match the release years of the first two? No way) This is a single case event surely. 

Only negatives I’ll say is I kind of didn’t really feel the change in scenery that massively, it was sorta fresh but it didn’t really contribute too much. The subway scene was my least favourite of the movie. 

Y’all better be cooking up something great for 7, and it better be made. Just please don’t continue the Star Wars riffing and replicate Rise of Skywalker…unless Stu returns…on second thought…

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