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Bradley Yoshihara

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  • Zodiac



    Zodiac is perfect from start to finish. I especially appreciated the Dirty Harry reference.

  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    Stand By Me is almost like a time capsule for 80s cinema. It's a pretty straightforward coming-of-age story that telegraphs nearly every plot point extensively (there is a literal Chekov's Gun). Still, it's charming and well acted. The cinematography is subpar, but there are still a few of surprisingly gorgeous shots that really stuck in my memory. There are a few points where the sheer amount of cuts gets pretty noticable. Took me out of the experience a couple times.…

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  • Throne of Blood

    Throne of Blood


    Throne Of Blood was exhilarating. Even knowing that it's a direct adaptation of Macbeth, it still captivated me every second of the way. Definitely something everyone needs to see.

  • Grave of the Fireflies

    Grave of the Fireflies


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Grave Of The Fireflies is a sorrowful and impactful story set in wartime Japan. It follows two recently orphaned children, Seita (the older brother) and Setsuko (the younger sister). They are forced from their hometown after it's firebombed, and then once again displaced when their mother dies from her injuries. They are sent to stay with their aunt, who is a cruel and unsympathetic woman. As the food runs thin, so too does her kindness. Seita decides it is best…