Tenet ★★★★

Just a couple of initial thoughts:

This seemed to have much more contemporary thematic relevance (if that's a phrase) than his other mindbenders, specifically comparing it against Inception which had a pretty self contained story. I like that he's challenged himself, I'd say it's the natural progression from his other creative action thrillers.

I also found myself not worrying too much about missing dialogue or world rules, instead deciding to watch it as a straightforward espionage film. This way I got a ton of fun out of it, plus it keeps it open to many revisits. I was however worried about spending too much time trying to figure out how the rules worked, as that could distract me from my enjoyment of the action.

The wait was worth it, 100%. This is the step that I wanted to see from Nolan, one that combines his aims (depending on who you ask) of the Batman films, and the pure storytelling creativity he possesses.

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