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  • Stagecoach

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  • Stagecoach


    A masterfully Americanified retelling of Hiroshi Shimizu’s Mr. Thank You.

  • Constantine


    Has a lived-in quality to it I really respond to. Keanu’s stellar when he’s not coughing. I don’t think Keanu has ever coughed. Can someone confirm? Weisz, Swinton, Stormare, LaBeouf, Vince, Hounsou are all devine creatures. 2 of the 3 special features we watched (I have the deluxe Blu Ray obviously) started with Francis Lawrence lamenting losing scenes to the size of the budget. And in another featurette Rachel Weisz hangs from a few wires in a green screen room yawning her way through a question. Glad some BTS-videographer found it necessary to make it all look like work. Perfect movie, five stars.

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  • Chernobyl


    A very expensive Wikipedia-page written with a hammer. It’s so desperately prestige and unnecessarily miserablist (which is quite a feat, considering the historical material), with a fittingly cop-out of a post-script in which ALL THE INTERESTING STUFF is namechecked for about 10 minutes. Most of it is too dumb to make a proper point without blunt repetition. Also comes off as weirdly smug about the whole ‘Soviets Suck’ thing. I don’t know, it had some good bits, but most of…

  • Perpetual Spawning

    Perpetual Spawning

    Earlier this month I released a new experimental machinima short in which I exploited a glitch found in GTA 4. Watch it here: vimeo.com/298842657