• Dune


    Blown away. Coming in a near pure outsider to the story, I was enthralled from the first moment. The pacing of this movie was absolute class… not a moment wasted. It was long, but so purposeful, and exciting.The sound and visuals were awe inspiring… what a treat to experience such expansive cinema… I think I may have to read it :’)

  • Senna


    From a while back. Beautiful storytelling retrospectively. I love car racing. The full context around Senna’s death was either beautiful or haunting… his emotional and spiritual state going into the day… hard to explain.

  • Pig


    Finally got around to watching this on a flight back from Denver. Surprised by the beauty and really lovely pacing, master class on a continual revealing of information to the audience. Although, I didn’t FULLY understand the relationship between the mom, the dad, and Nick Cage. The meal confrontation did not fully connect to me. I wish it did. 

    Very lovely film. <3 wish the pig was in it longer.

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight

    Hmmmmm OKAYYY… wow. Visual poetry. In terms of my sensory experience… stunning. The sound was masterful… the integration and accentuation of visuals through sound. Intriguing cadence to the cut - at times it took me out. I’m not really sure how I feel. There’s a lot to unpack thematically. Not my favorite type of film. I respect it a lot.

  • Old


    Just really really bad… really.

  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull

    Revisited with Jared at Tribeca showing outside at Battery Park. 

    First public viewing of a movie in quite a while… which felt real nice. Was even more struck by this one the second time around. 

    The character is so disturbing… so wrong… you still feel some love and empathy for him, but are shocked at his blindness again and again… and yet, there’s a part of us all in him. A part of me, at least. Perhaps that’s why it is so disturbing.  

    I love that the movie doesn’t end where it feels like it should. The story goes on. And that’s important. 

    Scorsese… master.

  • Nomadland


    Everything is transient. One generation tells the story of the one who comes before. Or at times, forgets to tell... struck by the beauty of simple human companionship, of shared tasks and contexts, of life stripped of the luxury of pontificating, and brought back to a place of simple survival, and movement, and stasis. At some points, in my own life already, you see the end of the very thing you’re currently enjoying, and you live in the reality of…

  • Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal Jacket

    I will start by saying, this isn’t a light fun movie to watch on a plane... which is how I watched it... haha 

    I think there’s probably much more in this movie that I didn’t even pick up on but what it felt was... a slow progression through the mental conditioning of a soldier... you feel the anticipation and hunger for a kill at the end, simultaneously, watching these human beings that are now more bloodthirsty animal... Jarhead feels it…

  • Point Break

    Point Break

    Watched with the boys in our ski cabin this week... never fails me. Swayze is a god. 


  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane

    Finally got around to this... I’ll try not to overthink reflections on this, obviously this has been thought through a million times over... but, certainly was blown away by the creativity and groundbreaking devices, considering the time this was made... hard to even comprehend something so forward thinking and precedent setting. Felt a lot of Scorsese, of course - I’m sure that’s spoken about haha. A true joy and inspiration. Nearly 100 years later... still holds up. That’s a masterpiece.

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha

    Ahh wow... what a special and simple film... I recently rewatched a Marriage Story as well and am really finding myself drawn to the way Noah makes movies... 

    So much LIFE in this... the simplest of moments that caused me as a viewer to smile and think to myself, “Yes, me too.” I want to capture that in my work. 

    Reading Tarkovsky now as well, and it feels very resonant with his perspective on what cinema could be as an art. Observation. Capturing humanity, finding the thru line in time that we all share... nothing overstated or exaggerated.

  • Snowpiercer


    Some days I get so paralyzed by what movie to watch... landed on this. 

    Enjoyed the combination of a linear progression in both narrative and visuals... it felt good to see the progress in story play out in a literal sense as they make their way through the train. Brings a lot to mind about perspective and paradigm, sociology, narratives of nations... I enjoyed the characters in this.