Superman Returns ★★½

Superman Returns is a intresting character piece about how Superman comes back to earth after leaving for  5 years and I actually did like Brandon Routh which is hands down better then the CW Superman I’ll say that and I like Kate bosworth here as Lois but as a superhero it’s not exactly does much which can be good and there some decent set pieces like with the airplane and towards the end but it definitely doesn’t engage on an action packed level . Kevin spacey as lex was good until the 3rd act got pretty hammy , Parker posey as kitty was fine .
James marsden is okay but has nothing to do , frank langella as perry white didn’t work for me to be honest and Sam Huntington was annoying as jimmy olsen . Some of the cinematography looks good but there are times it’s looks really cgi especially in scenes that wouldn’t be , also knowing Lois son is Superman’s son not sure how to feel about that and that they still play on that Lois doesn’t know Superman is Clark/clark is Superman is more annoying(which they changed in man of steel)

Superman returns has some good things and good performances and an interesting character study but it’s tries to hard to be Reeves Superman and it’s own thing and not enough exciting things I would rent or stream this unless you find on blu ray for cheap