Moonrise Kingdom ★★★★½

2012 List
Wes Anderson is easily the most creative directors and he is also one of my favorites. Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of my favorite movies all-time and I was excited to see more of his work. I got a chance to watch this, and I loved it. Not as good as Fantastic Mr. Fox, but still excellent. Wes has such a distinct style that makes his movies much more interesting. Moonrise Kingdom is art. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous. The shot selection is magnificent, the lighting is fitting for the story, the colors are great, the camera techniques are fabulous and all of the technical features are amazing. What makes Wes Anderson a good director is not only the quality of his movies, but his storytelling. There are so many ways he told this charming tale and I loved every single one of those ways. From the use of colors, to his wacky direction, he knows how to make a stylistic movie. I didn’t enjoy the main relationship in the first half, but I ended up liking it in the second half. The child acting is terrific here. The two main characters are awkward and their young relationship is fun to watch.

My biggest issue is the lack of character development, but Wes Anderson doesn’t really focus on that. Still, it would have been nice to get a little more from certain characters. Nonetheless, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray are all quirky in their own ways and they each bring something different to the movie as a whole. I loved their characters and their presences. Norton is a scout troop, Willis is a police officer and Murray is a dad. Watching them chase after the two kids is pretty amusing to watch and their banter is entertaining. Their performances were fun to watch. The way nature is used and the scenery is stunning. The setting is really fascinating. Both the time and the place. The opening scene was great with the camera moving around and I loved all of the one take sequences. The comedy isn’t frequent but when it happens, it is unique because of the delivery. The humor was a nice touch. The ending is pretty good and this movie is moving art. Overall, a beautiful and charming story with a good story and fantastic style.

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