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This review may contain spoilers.

Wow wow big fan

Part of what i enjoyed about this so much is that even though it goes the “final girl” route with Dani, it does it in such a unique way. Rather than having her fend off the attackers/villains and escape with a new lease on life, she grows through associating and identifying with those typically villainous characters. This made the movie really interesting, especially because I never felt particularly worried for Dani’s safety at any point, considering the points dropped throughout about her finding a new family in Harga. I was more worried about how she would handle her increasingly strained relationship with Christian. It’s a testament to the movie that it ends exactly where you would expect it to, but it’s also where it should end and it does a great job at it. 

I also enjoy Ari Aster’s insistence on throwing those big ass emotional wrenches into the beginning of the movie, which have been the most intense parts for me, as the absurd violence is more just a spectacle than anything. I just kept thinking throughout how I would react if put in a situation like Dani’s and it really freaked me out, so to add the relationship drama on top of all that personally validates where her character goes.

Also, its such a fucking pretty movie too its really great that a two and a half hour long horror movie can be so engrossing throughout

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