Bohemian Rhapsody ★½

This is an advertisement for a ‘Queen: Greatest Hits’ CD with banal, awfully written filler in between.This is a truly painful exploitation of a figure who possesses genuine cultural importance.
It’s a formulaic carbon copy of all egregious biopics.
I think even the producers knew the film was atrocious when the trailer they conceived was just a showcase of Rami Malek’s acting prowess.
Malek deserved his Oscar, yet this film should have been nowhere near the academy, and this vapid, inane trash should not be held in the high regard it is.
Also, this is a biopic that is largely fictionalised, instead of communicating the facts, they’d rather distort them for plot, so we could briefly exhale through our nose at some witty one liners.
Fuck me, I hate this film. Get in the bin.