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  • Rashomon



    We live in the world of RASHOMON. This is not to suggest we live in a world without facts. Or that truth doesn't exist. If you walk away from this film believing everything is up for grabs you've missed the mark. People really do get raped in the real world. People really do get murdered. The world is full of lies, theft, fraud, and sophistry. We misremember events, we get deluded, we intentionally deceive to gain the upper hand. 

    These are all facts —things…

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    2001 is the greatest film ever made. Period. 

    When I first saw it at the unripe age of fourteen, I didn't have a clue what was going on. It also didn't matter. What mattered was that I became a raving werewolf during the experience, completely moonstruck at the thought of how many hidden, fathomless worlds pulsated beyond the stars. Last night I watched a 70mm print of it on IMAX and I kid you not—the werewolf in me came out…

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  • The Seafarers

    The Seafarers

    FEAR AND DESIRE isn’t Kubrick’s worst achievement. It’s actually this boring piece of corporate propaganda that doesn’t even show us the sea being fared. Instead, it idles on land telling us (not even showing us) how great our lives would be if we simply joined a country club. Frank is right. This thing is “fucking hilarious.” But only in hindsight. If you like shots of money exchanging hands, people looking busy behind desks, envelopes being opened, microphones being talked into,…

  • Fear and Desire

    Fear and Desire


    When you hate your own film and want no one to see it, said film will achieve mythic status and guarantee that everyone sees it. “It really is a must-see, because now it’s the picture Kubrick wants to suppress,” said the programming director at Film Forum. FEAR AND DESIRE is the bane of Kubrick’s existence with good reason. Despite being an earnest effort to explore the dehumanizing effects of war in a serious manner, the execution ends up being unintentionally…

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  • Monos



    MONOS exists on another planet, a perilous edge of the world fantasy that injects you with a syringe of Lord of the Flies + Aguirre, the Wrath of God. A brutal, unflinching fever dream that takes you hostage for 102min, starves you of its sociopolitical context, then forces you to survive its guerrilla anarchy. These are the lost boys and girls of Neverland. A dysfunctional young militia being trained for a war they can hardly understand, pushed to revolution more…

  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    TOKYO STORY revealed secrets in me I'm almost too embarrassed to talk about on this platform, but feel they're important to process. To cite an example, my parents came to visit us over Christmas holiday last year. I'm married to a beautiful woman, we've created a beautiful child, and my parents were excited to see us after about a year of living in different states. I was just starting my Mike Leigh marathon, and when I do these runs I…