Lupin III: The First

Lupin III: The First ★★★★★

Lupin the Third: The First is Lupin PERFECTION 

i watched it with a cinema that was full (socially distanced) of very obvious Lupin fans and even thought there was only like 20 of us max in the theater, it was one of the most FUN experiences i've ever had in a cinema!

the whole film just felt like a film straight from the Red Jacket era and the CGI was a flawless fusion of realistic textures and cartoon physics that i haven't seen in such a dazzling manner since Spielberg/Jackson's TinTin

from the iconic Yuji Ohno tracks to all of the main crew's mannerisms and iconic skillsets, i'm blown away by how much this film adheres to the formula and tropes of the Red Jacket era, forgoing modernization through plot elements completely and relying on the time tested elements that makes Lupin so timeless.

i was pleasantly surprised to see that even the side characters had moments to shine and written in a way that had me connect to them more than the usual throwaway side characters featured in Lupin outings.

all in all just everything i expected and more! it totally understands the Lupin formula and has a plethora of subtle callbacks and jokes that were just a delight. there was nary a moment that i wasn't beaming from ear to ear.

the ending note from the late Monkey Punch really hit me hard! a perfect cherry on top for a perfect representation and love letter of our favorite thief.

RIP Monkey Punch, long live Lupin III!

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