Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

Synecdoche, New York is not a film about an architectural building only, or a theatre & warehouse specifically; it is an amount of grand thoughts about
a man who struggles with his life and memory within a wide space perspectively. It is a film
about a theatre director struggles with his work, and the women in his life, as he creates a life-size replica of New York City inside a warehouse as part of his new play. Synecdoche, New York is unbelievably structured film that each aspect of it can be another film itself; it is a film where its depths & lines belong to a straight-forward meaning about life, death, and the stress deeply. The storytelling is incredibly putting you seamlessly within the structure of the film limits masterfully. The loneliness always following me where I go, I can feel it, and hear it smoothly.

It is a profound, complex film that could be unquestionably: one of the best films (near to be perfect) in the 21st century. During the main characters playing their roles, the film was cooking on a low fire that solidly makes the viewer‘s head knocked on the floor harshly from the hypontic performances. Charlie Kaufman is a masterful director who made several masterpieces in his career, such as: “Being John Malkovich” which
I consider it as one of the greatest films of all time. It is a film where the characters study a rehearsal of the play that contains a group of people who suffering from their lives severly.
Philip Seymour Hoffman made a performance that will be stuck in my memory forever. Undoubtedly, he made a performance which considered as one of the greatest performances in the 21st century. His method acting thoughtfully made from all facets.
R.I.P Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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