Ugetsu ★★★★★

My second drama film from one of the giant filmmakers in cinema history, kenji Mizoguchi, Ugetsu (1953) is an extraordinarily essential brilliant cinematic piece of art that its right place, undoubtedly, is among the greatest films ever made; Ugetsu is also belongs to those films which called: too-ahead-of-its-time. Japanese cinema have made undeniable foundational films that left its impact goes as an endless inspiration for those films that came after, and which presented within so many films as an eternal references that provide the modren films with the real meaning of classic art, and left its influence spreading over all its backgrounds.

Ugetsu opens up with genuinely fundamental scene that becomes a honest material to the next events that came after, and became as a reminder to us when we watching the way that the story that showing us the obstacles and important problems on the main characters who spreaded throughout the film to demonstrates the substance of the story, and how their lives will become when each one of them facing a different problems that will made them learning a bunch of things, which are most important and more value than their desires, vanity, and arrogance towards each other. Ugetsu is a drama/fantasy/war film that follows a tale of ambition, family, Love, and war set in the midst of the japanese Civil Wars of the sixteenth century.

The film showcases a several pictures of the consequences of the pride, the wrong path to reach to your ambition, and the humanism and its importance towards the main characters, where each one of the them is developed slowly, and which made the film outcome is brilliance all around the sophisticated cinema thoroughly. The result of each character is also profoundly telling us a huge details of the impact that the events left on them, and how their thoughts towards their lives are changed influentially. The essence of Ugetsu is tremendously built through the masterfully thoughtful direction, brilliantly insightful screenplay, and the massively heartfelt performances from the main characters in particular.

There are some elements that I can not deny it for sure: the concept and its development that appeared the war and its ugliness on the humans and their ideology towards life and its temptations, the groundbreaking storytelling and its immense perspective that became inherently realistic, where the realism is jaw-dropping relentlessly. Ugetsu is geniusly depicted the human and its unforgiven intentions in fictional style that transformed the film to be more depth in its surface as well as that each cadre of the whole production is remarkably accomplished. The conclusion of Ugetsu is deeply letting us observe its majestic greatness, where its entire demonstration is imaginatively made it as an astounding exercise of meditation towards life and humanity.

Ugetsu is a picture of perfection!

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