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This review may contain spoilers.

Fucking hell. I literally cry every time. The sheer range of emotions that this film makes me feel is astounding. It’s accessing all my nostalgia and using everything I loved about anime as a kid while also just tapping into all this joy and fun. Your Name. never lets up and is Exhibit A of why you’ll never convince me that 3D animation is better than 2D. I mean did you SEE those backgrounds? Japanese animation always knows how to so beautifully do landscapes whether it’s something more artsy like Princess Kaguya or something more contemporary like this film. At most, 3D is an amazing tool to help strengthen 2D animation, but films that are entirely computer generated in 3D can just fuck off compared to films like this. That is the one realm where I can admit I am elitist as fuck about and will always stand my ground about. 

This is my third time watching this film, and my first time watching the English dub, which wasn’t really by choice since Amazon video doesn’t have the Japanese audio. I’m not really a Sub vs. Dub kind of guy, I’m not that into anime where I have a stance, I just prefer hearing the Japanese language, especially with the music. The English version of the theme song and other lyrical songs in the soundtrack got a little awkward at times, but it wasn’t awful. That guitar and piano always hype me the fuck up, though. 

I just get so giddy when the film is being charming/cute/funny as hell and I get so emotional when it’s sad. I really want to emphasize that I literally haven’t gone a viewing of this without crying, from the time I saw it in theaters a year and a half ago to now. When Mitsuha opens her palm and it says “I love you” like holy fuck that shit gets me EVERY. TIME. 

This film, Phantom Thread, and Blade Runner 2049 are tied for my best film of 2017. All three of those films are films that tap very deep into my love for storytelling and my love for film, and I sincerely think they deserve to share the same pedastal. As someone who grew up with anime and still adores the stories that can be told with it, this film is perfect for me. And while I think Phantom Thread and BR 2049 are actually perfect, Your Name. is simply perfect for me, and that’s why it’s one of my favorite films of all time, one of the best animated films of this century, and one of the best films in the past few years.

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