Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo

It's not shooting for the moon but it does what it's trying to do and then gets you outta there without a bunch of bullshit. Maybe a little bit of bullshit with some of those twists, but we were in and out in less than 90 minutes. That's shorter than errands on certain days.

I much prefer this depiction of grief as something heavy and ominous that you have to move through to the TV Tropes "MONSTER = GRIEF" of your Babadooks. If you like that stuff, that's fine. On some level I'm jealous of you because I doubt you've dealt with the messy lingering dread of grief if that shit gets you going. Maybe not. Maybe you're dumb. Who knows?

Ultimately I was glad to see that only one truly supernatural thing happens in this movie and even that is obscured by the digital hum of a camera phone. Everything else can be explained away or squared with the easier reality you construct to protect yourself but there's always that one image you can't shake.

At a certain point you realize you're never going to find anything new in the phone videos or home movies or Facebook posts and you have to just let go and move on. You think you can see them if you keep looking but that's not actually them, it's just some pixels that remember what it was like when they were there.

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