Might be a translation thing but I thought it was really funny that as a result of years of malaise Allan “became a dreamer” like it was some sort of grim consequence.

Beautiful images. A little stately in the pacing department for my taste but babies born the week this movie came out were afraid of rock music by the time I was born so I can look the other way on that. Almost feels like a silent film so moments like the sister lying in bed and quietly saying that she’s afraid to die really hit.

The sister turning her head and smiling as the vampire disease spread into her was as scary as anything in The VVitch. Probably scarier because I’m thinking about it afterwords, which I can’t say I did with any of the images in the VVitch. Bet you didn’t think I’d take a swing at the VVitch but that’s why I make the big bucks and you live in a bathroom. Fuck you.

A huge chunk of this movie is either Allan or a priest just reading about vampires and figuring out their whole deal. Very funny to me that in ‘32 we were still teaching moviegoers what exactly vampires were. Probably gave filmmakers a lot of leeway to have fun with it. Must’ve been nice to make art in a pre TV Tropes world.