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  • Room Runners

    Room Runners

    Naughty little short about America’s least necessary cartoon character trying to skip out on paying his hotel bill. That’s a solid premise right there *Larry the Cable Guy voice* I don’t care who y’are.

    Ub Iwerks is sort of the Nikolai Tesla of American animation if you happen to believe that Nikolai Tesla wasn’t actually that great, which I don’t. But maybe you do. I have to calibrate for every possible reader. Depending on who you ask, Iwerks was either…

  • Get Rich Quick Porky

    Get Rich Quick Porky

    Pretty rough. Mostly seems like a framing device to support two and a half jokes about an unnamed dog who looks and acts like Pluto trying to bury a bone. I get it. The Hays Code made it impossible to show Porky shoot heroin so the options were limited.

    Gabby Goat is a fun little character. History has spoken and decided to leave him in the 30s along with widespread diphtheria which is harsh but fair. He’s basically just a…

  • Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid

    Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid

    This starts exactly the same as The Bashful Buzzard. The opening two minutes are identical, down to Beaky's pointlessly Italian family of fighter pilot buzzards. That's good, though. Air conditioning wasn't as widespread when they were making these and I think these noble animators deserved whatever break they could get from the unforgiving Burbank sun.

    This is one of the warmer relationships in the Warner canon. I don't think Bugs Bunny dislikes Beaky Buzzard or is even annoyed by him.…

  • Porky's Pooch

    Porky's Pooch

    Man there’s not a single good joke in this. Weirdly subdued and low energy for a Clampett; you can see why Jones was interested in this formula later on. It’s more his speed: slow.

    Ultimately though these photograph backgrounds look beautiful and made a big impression on me at some point in childhood. The date for this is a complete shot in the dark but I remember the look of this more than anything else. Rewatching this I can tell this…

  • Porky in Egypt

    Porky in Egypt

    The depiction of Egyptians is real rough. I’d say it didn’t age well but I bet if you asked an Egyptian person in ‘38 they wouldn’t have been thrilled with this either. Maybe not. What do I know? Tough to fact check this one way or the other.

    It’s a shame because the remaining harmless, like, 90 seconds are really fun. Surreal and loopy. The camel’s hallucination and mental breakdown is especially great. Sort of an inferior Porky in Wackyland…

  • The Bashful Buzzard

    The Bashful Buzzard

    We had memes long before Drake pointed at things with either love or disgust and even before cats asked for cheeseburgers in repulsive ways. Back in the forties one of our biggest memes was “What if we made Lenny from Of Mice and Men a comic figure and invited the audience to cheer his demise as he gets hit in the head with a mallet?”

    Because there was no twitter or instagram to force everybody to feel exhausted imagining what…

  • Falling Hare

    Falling Hare

    Here’s my impression of a normal person looking at a baby: “Aw how cute!”

    Now here’s my impression of Bob Clampett looking at a baby: "Oh my god, this thing looks hilarious. I'm going to design 200 heavies for Bugs Bunny that look like this. Mostly he'll kick these baby men's asses for no reason. Sometimes they'll kick his ass. The sight of a baby should not do this to a man. I stand humbled at the feet of my own cruelty."

  • Godzilla


    Glad I gave this another shot. Turns out it's a lot better when I'm not struggling through the first three months of sobriety and taking it out on a movie. Go ahead and ignore any bad reviews I have of movies from 2014.

  • Hare Ribbin'

    Hare Ribbin'

    I try not to use phrases like “I like” or “I don’t like” when reviewing things. Value judgements are the least interesting part of reviews in my opinion. They stem from a need to rank things that I find abhorrent. No art worth enjoying was ever made with the intention of sitting on a list. That said, I adore this short.

    Clampett, more than any other golden age director (Avery included) was completely unafraid of making a bad short. His work…

  • Rover Dangerfield

    Rover Dangerfield

    Say what you want about Rover Dangerfield. I cannot and will not stop you. But this movie exists as a testament to the weird and thoughtless cynicism at the heart of all mankind. So go ahead, sling your insults, your quips. Your jeers will make no dent on Rover Dangerfield just as an arrow -shot at the sun by the lost and delirious traveler in the desert- will never knock our giver of life from the sky. Yell all you want. You’re only yelling at the hole within.

  • Bully for Bugs

    Bully for Bugs

    I don't love the 50s for Warner Brothers or really for anybody who isn't a rockabilly guy. I think a different decade would've followed the 40s, ideally.

    Bugs Bunny takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque and goes "of course you realize, this means war" and asks what's up doc. All the stuff he's supposed to do. Jones was always one to pat himself on the back for checking things off of a "things you're obligated to have Bugs Bunny do"…

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs

    Early in this there’s a part where Connor O’Malley flips out at a wedding and needs to be physically restrained as he hollers that he never should’ve left the Great Lakes. Movie never really makes much of an effort to be that funny again which I guess is fine. I can respect that. Plenty of ways for a movie to succeed.

    It’s just that none of those ways really clicked for me. The time loop stuff never rose above a…