Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding ★★½

Seriously J Lo how are you looking this good? Did you take the potion from Isabella Rossellini? Armie Hammer was supposed to co-star until it was revealed that he gets off thinking about eating people. You do you! So Josh Duhamel was called in as a replacement and he’s really good, very charming and funny, despite the fact I haven’t seen him in a 1,000 years. Shotgun Wedding is an “action” rom-com, it’s mostly a rom-com. It’s an adequate movie. I enjoyed it for the most part and wasn’t bored, it was better than Ticket to Paradise, ringing endorsement, I know. If they added a bit of gore with the “violence” for comedic purposes and it earned its R rating then maybe I would recommend this but it didn’t so I don’t. It’s a close call. Jennifer Coolidge for the win.

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