The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

Dazzling, mind blowing, breathtaking visuals. I mean wow especially on that big screen. It took awhile but Kidman’s AMC subliminal message finally took hold because 3 theater movies in 10 days! I’m back baby! A glorious splendor to behold, technically perfect. The cinematography, art direction, the drum heavy score, the costumes (looking at you Bjork) are just awesome.

The film isn’t without its faults though. The dialogue and delivery of said dialogue can be pretty stiff, silly and real corny at times. I unintentionally giggled a few times. The characters are not fleshed out, there’s no emotional connection to anything or anyone, but that’s fine it’s a straightforward and sometimes trippy revenge movie. I did feel the length in parts. 

I don’t know why this matters, wouldn’t matter either way, but this is not Hamlet, it’s not even based on Hamlet, I never even thought the Lion King resembled Hamlet. I’ve read/studied Hamlet twice, seen 4 film versions of Hamlet. Branagh’s 4 hour version being the fucking best, that film is mind blowing.

All in all a pretty rad experience. The epic volcano showdown was one of the best scenes I’ve ever seen.

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