Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★½

here is the script i say whenever a co-worker asks me for my thoughts on Licorice Pizza: "i liked it! was disappointed that i didn't love it, but Phantom Thread is my favorite PTA so my expectations were set pretty high. do you have a favorite PTA? Inherent Vice? wow! (note: i work at a record store) yeah i like the part in that one where josh brolin eats the weed, haha ...

but, yeah, anyway Licorice Pizza! as i was saying, i saw it and mostly liked it -- alana haim is a star! i didn't used to understand bradley cooper but now i do. no spoilers, but i really didn't care for the ending. there's also a weird recurring joke about a white japanese-restaurant owner (based on a real guy) doing an accent to "translate" english to his multiple interchangeable asian wives? the joke is on the white guy, not the wife, so the intention isn't terrible, but it was the audience reaction that-- no, that's not a spoiler! sorry, it's hard to talk about it if you haven't seen it, i guess. but yeah, he does a voice and i had to sit in a 2000-seat sold-out theater hearing a sea of white people laugh their asses off and it made me, one of the few asians there, feel very bad!"

this is the part where i pause and assess their reaction because i've just gone off on a bit of an impassioned rant that could get me killed on film twitter/in the letterboxd comment section. since this is real life, however, the co-worker is usually able to see nuance and realize that just because i am critiquing one part of the film, that does not mean i believe the entire product is garbage. the conversation may or may not continue here depending on if a manager is nearby.

"even though i personally have a couple problems with it, it's still very much worth the trek out to Westwood to see it in 70mm! the pop-up pinball arcade next door is FREE!!!!!!!!!" (i do a little dance and raise the roof; if they are cool they join me in this)

ok, that's my script. it ends with a random dance sequence. all my scripts do. feel free to use, but it's kind of specific to me and my interests and my location and my job ❤️

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