The Devil All the Time

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This review may contain spoilers.

major déjà vu to a year ago when i thirst-watched The King, another gritty 2+ hour Netflix drama, for robert pattinson only for him to show up an hour in, do a batshit accent, and leave with 30 minutes left.* starting to worry i’ve been afflicted by some sort of witch’s curse...?

anyway, here’s a real thought so i don’t get yelled at: this feels like an ineffective mash-up of The Tree of Life, There Will Be Blood, Zodiac, and Badlands/Natural Born Killers. that sounds kinda cool, but i just said it was ineffective — pay attention! bleak nihilism can be potent when it has something of note to say (i.e Martyrs), but there’s not much here aside from god is dead and the devil isn’t. in fact, he is all the time. all of it! 

*not marking as spoiler because if i were considering watching for rob, i would want to know how much screentime he has. i write and speak primarily for the Robsessed

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